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How to Use

Get Glowing, Whiter Teeth Using Your Personal Shanas 2 in 1 Proven Teeth Whitening Kit

Having glowing, white & always-shining teeth is NOW possible for everyone by using an easy-to-use Shanas 2in 1 Teeth Whitening Kit. You no longer have to spend money on expensive teeth treatments or painful procedures at the dentist. All you need is right here - Your Personal Teeth-Whitening, Shanas 2in1 Kit. personal Shanas 2in1 Kit

Look into a mirror. Decide & compare in which stage your teeth are in by checking the “shade” paper chart from the guide. Take the teeth-whitening pen and pour the gel into the brush. Apply the gel equally to all your teeth.  Connect the device to your smartphone, put the mouthpiece into your mouth, easily bite it, then turn the light on. The whitening device will turn off after 16 minutes. 


Important: Recommended gel usage dose:0.5ml-0.7ml.
Avoid applying the gel to the gums or lips. It may give a small, non-harmful burning sensation that will be gone in 24h or less.
We made it easier for you to whiten your teeth by taking the 2 in 1 kit approach.

Insert the brush head into the main body of the toothbrush by following the arrow direction and Pour toothpaste onto the brush’s head and make it wet a bit. Choose your desired mode. Put the brush in your mouth and start brushing your teeth slowly, equally & uniformly.  30 seconds reminder to change tooth area to maintain an efficient brushing